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When will cxc results January 2016 paper copy be out ?

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How do i receive my CXC results online ?

Go to cxc online registration and type in your information

Thank You Very Much

How can I locate my cxc results
When will the January csec be out into the schools?
I not getting through with the login access

Go to cxc registration online & put in your information. It includes your registration number . I dont know if that helps

I can't access the cxc results online.. How and where I go?!
I know that I passed my CXC mathematics 2016 exam this time. But I'm seeing a grade four when I know that I've worked hard with answering my questions correctly. I've wrote maths exam a few times and I know that my certificate is supposed to have a pass grade. Thank you
How can I get my candidate #. I don't know it, And can I get result from 2010?

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