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June 2016 examinations release date for results?

Hello, I'm eighteen (18) years of age, and wrote my first ever CXC examination. I am thrilled, and very, very nervous for my results. As being a new-comer into the council, I'm completely unaware of the whereabouts of the council. By this, I heard something about a "release date for online results for June 2016 candidates", and I don't know the date. Is anyone aware of this date? If so, please comment below. It will be highly appreciated.

In addition, where will the certificate be held, in school? Would I receive a call, text or email when the results are out? 

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@kslaze it will be released online on the 16th? or released from the schools on the 16th?

@Levi The results for all candidates will be posted online. For me I know when the results are out via facebook i.e I would see persons posting and sharing the release date. So just stay on face book you'll know when its out. As for the certificates, they will be held by the institution to which you sat your exam(s). But they won't be available until around next year January.

PS hope this helps.

idk bout schools but online on 16th. 16th guys so stop asking

10th August
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Very x ited for my results
This is giving me a headache, I'm here feeling as if my nerves are gonna break..... Could they CARE.........any.........LESS?????? I mean come on
Alyuh scared awa? Just forget it an wake up on d day like :o
Wat time result coming out online
I herd that csec results has been released and is online today, but i cannot get to it. Can someone clarify the date when it is to be released online please.
Cant wait but afraid

I was told we have to wait until 10:00pm, Let's see what happens.

Sigh i am so nervous I need to get this over with. They need to stop making so many delays and only release 1 fixed date and time so people like me dont get confused and check the sight 24-7.

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