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Getting a misplaced certificate expidited

I need to get a CXC certificate expedited can anyone here help me?


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How can I go about getting my CXC certificate for 2007 I didn't receive it after leaving school
I haven't receive my cxc certificate from 2010 and it is needed for job interviews how can I get it what's the procedure

Need my CXC certificate for the year 2007 didn't receive it after leaving school. what is the procedure  to acquire it??

How do i get my csec certificate
I need a copy of my cxc results asap

So...I'm seeing the questions in this forum, but not the answers.

I was told on the phone that expediting is no longer available, but it's still an option on the application.

Is it available for NEWER Certs (year 2000 and more recent) but not for older Certs?


I wrote cxc in 2000. Can I have a certificate send to me?
I sat CXC Accounts(CSES)in the mid eighties early nineties as a private candidate.Is there any way my certificate can be traced as the certificate is lost.I sat it at a Secretarial College in Jamaica

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