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Official Relase of Examination Results 2016

A ceremony of the official release of cxc 2016 results was held on August 12th 2016 at 10:30 am in Anguilla. The event was streamed live on the CXC's Facebook page and on their official website. However the broadcast had no audio and those streaming could not hear the broadcast. Is there any official list or document of the top students that were supposed to be announced during the programme? Many of us streaming would not have been able to hear these names.

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Morning how I cannot access my exam results and today is the 16 August 2016

good morning how do i get my results today online

Hello I am a student of Munro collage Jamaica and I would like to access my results using my birth certificate number I do not have access to my candidate number
How can I get my 2015 cxc results
Can I start classes

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