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Since last night andd as up until now students are unable to access their CXC result due to restriction blocked by there desired centre. Can you give some feedback on this matter ASAP

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Can't access results

I cant access my account either n I try contact cxc and no response

they say within 24 hour they will reply until nw nothing

Why can't I access my Cxc result

I have been trying to access my child's results  and only getting invalid info ,

I am the examination coordinator for my school. I have been trying without success to access the results for my school. It  keeps saying its unavailable. HELP 

Same here...invalid log on message constantly. I cant access my CAPE results online. FRUSTRATED!!!!

Same here. Can someone please assist us
I'm not getting access to my csec results can you kindly inform me as to why?
I also have the same problem. Can someone please assist me
Cant acess my son cxc result say wrong format of date i havè tried m/d/y even ď/m/y
I can't access my daughter result it's saying denied access or invalid information
I can't access my results and it is saying denied access or invalid information.
The last time I checked I was not able to access my grades

what the world is this man since 5 years ago this thing not working lol but I want to know if I fail this cxc thing 

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