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grade change

Does CXC ever change a grade that was issued on the preliminary slip,and have a different grade on the original certificate

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Can I make a query online about the results,to no the final grades?

I want to know the answer for the first question that sherwil rose ask please
Can CXC change the preliminary grades for The cape examination results if the candidate thinks something is wrong with the results
I'm confused, I did all my sba and still got a four.
I’m confused too, I did well in all of my other subjects except mathematics I got 4 and I did well in my sba
What exactly do I have to do to make a query about grade in a subject?
I can see that you guys don't really care, you won't change my grade, well that's just it
I would like to query my math ,IT and POA grades because my SBAs were good and my profile grading for my math cxc exam was good but I still got a 4 ...I would like for that to be queried...thank you!
I would also like for my mathematics and Integrated Science grades to be queried. I did good in both SBAs and in the exams but I still got a 4.
Why don't person get response when they ask questions here? I would like to know the answers all the questions asked. Those are the same questions I have.

Examination queries/ reviews are done through with your School/ Centre or the Ministry of Education for Private students.


Queries are used for candidates with Ungraded/ Absents, Reviews for candidates who wish to have their script reviewed.


The deadline for CXC to receive these requests is September 11 and the fee for Reviews is $60 BDS, while Queries are free.


Please note that a review of your script may result in your overall Grade either increasing, decreasing or remaining the same.


If your review results in an increase in your overall grade, you will be refunded the fee.


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