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I. RM assessor log in troubles

I got a username and I created a password when I made attempt to login the following day I was unable to and I used the same username and password. Can it be reset.

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I finally got my RM Assessor username. I have started doing practice marking for Social Studies. I called Barbados and explained the difficulty I was having and they got the necessary persons to do what had to done
Neema which browser are you using? Ensure that it is Internet Explorer

I am unsure as to what username and password I am to use because the one that I am using (which is the same for the cxc markers' portal) does not work at all. When I tried to reset my actual name isn't being recognised. I simply have no idea what to do.

to whom does one need to write to get an rm assessor username and password

Try going to your examiners portal and look close to the bottom. There should be a link telling you to “click here to login”. It also gives you your username and temporary password. If that doesn’t work, heck your email for one from CXC. It gives instructions as to what to do and who to contact if having issues

Thanks but I still can't get into the assessor because even at the examiner's portal I am being prompted to use my email and password for the general cxc site. I am at a complete loss right now because I still can't even access my invitation letter which I received over 5 days ago which I suspect might have some pertinent information in it. Thanks any way I'll try again.

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