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CAPE marking

I was able to access RM Assessor and standardization for Agricultural Science (CAPE)  but  couldn't access any of the task, that was about 4pm. I logged in tonight and I am seeing English, Physic, etc scripts with not Agri.scripts for me to mark.
I am not sure what to do here.

SEnd a message to your supervisor

Is anybody able to mark CAPE Pure Mathematics yet?


Is anybody able to mark CAPE Chemistry yet?

No I am not able to mark Pure Mathematics.  Still in simulation mode.

How is my supervisor and how do i sent a message? I don't have the any answer sheet


i dont get a mark scheme for Environmental Science . In simulation mode but does it makes sense to do simulation without the mark scheme?

Has anyone been able to mark CAPE Biology yet? I have not received mark schemes yet.

Has CAPE Pure Math marking begun yet?

Have biology mark schemes been sent yet?

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