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I am unable to get into the RM assessor page to mark. I keep getting prompted to install Silverlight, which I already did. I have tried going through the RM assessor  page but that does not seem to work.

Neema are you using Internet Explorer?
My son Abner Alexis did csec exams in January 2013. He received his result slip but never received his official certificate. UWI, St. Augustine needs this certificate for him to attend this said University August month end. I sent a money order by registered mail dated 12/05/2017 to cxc. For a duplicate. After tracking this document, I was told it is presently at the cxc office in Barbados but no one collected it. I paid to fast tract this certificate but to date received no response. Your urgent assistance is anticipated. Respectfully Sharron Edwards_Alexis

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