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I got an ungraded in IT and my school said my IA was submitted.What should i do?

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Good Day. I’m From Jamaica. I Sat The Communication Studies Exam In July. My IA Was Sent Up And I Got Ungraded. I Paid My Money In Full So What Could’ve Caused This? My Teacher Even Sent Me The Email To Prove That CXC Had Received The IA. Most Of My Classmates Got Ungraded As Well. My School Center Number Is 100558. Can You Guys Please Sort The Issue Out I Need My Results For University. I’m Really Upset About This Situation


I received ungraded in the following CSEC General subjects at the May/June 2020 examinations:

Caribbean History

Principles of Accounts

Principles of Business

I am not the only student but the entire class in the subject areas has received ungraded.

My school would have made the query submission through our country Ministry of Education within the first week of results being posted on September 22nd 2020.

However to date I have not received any response from the CXC as to whether my grade remains as ungraded or has been adjusted.

Today is the 4th of November 2020, six (6) weeks since the initial results were posted.

I would appreciate a more appropriate and timely response from the CXC my actual results.

Looking forward for a timely response from the CXC on this urgent matter.

Thank you

Sat 2 exams as a repeater this year and just got ungraded with no help or change in my grade

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