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Good day I currently attended St. Maarten Academy CAPE program, school code 190001. I was a day late on submitting my assignment for integrated math and this was due to miscommunication of the teacher. The teacher had given a deadline to submit the IA. He made it seem if this submission was the first and final. It was not clearly communicated that this was a draft and not a final submission. Me believing that this submission was final, I took more time to finish the IA to ensure to acquire a pass mark and I fail to submit on time. The teacher refuses to talk to me and denied to take my IA and grade it. I’m at the risk of getting ungraded for my maths IA. I talked with management of the school and they said once a teachers denied to take in a late draft he or she can refuses to take it in for any other submission. I want to know if if fair to deny the assignment after other dates to give in corrections.

that's so disgusting  you should sue the teacher

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