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2018 Marking Exercise Query

Good Morning Sir/Madam, I was invited to the marking exercise for English A however, the examination outline for marking does not have the exam questions. I have read and understood the online marking training with the RM assessor. I have attached the relevant information. I have sent out a ticket (#57373) to the support department concerning my familiarisation marking exercise on the 23rd April . Another was made on my behalf (58072) on the 2nd of May. I also message the supervisor in RM Assessor on the 20th April and I have not received any recommendation to the issue. When I checked for a response, I was unable to see my sent item and the selected responses were reset. Please advise on the way forward. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Joseann Jemmott
Hi, my son Wendell Oliver did three papers for the English A exams 2018 as a private candidate an the preliminary on line result has shown that he received a IV yet his third paper was not correct as he only got marks for paper 1 and 2. How can this be rectified? Please let me know.

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