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Replacement Certificates

Good day,

I would like to cancel an order made online. How do I go about doing that?

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Can I get my replacement certificate electronically. I will pay an outstanding fee of US$70 today

I want to get a replacement certificate in 3 days but there is no option online for that request.

Could you kindly assist how to apply for my certificate in 3 days 

I need to get a replacement on my certificate,how can I go about doing so and will it have the original errors made on it ? The original certificate had an error on the date of birth.
Need a certificate ASAP

I need to know how long I have to wait for a replacement certificate for my daughter.  The form and payment were posted as registered mail on 06/02/2019.

I lost my documents and I would like my certificate , I sat the cxc twice and I have no documents to show

How does one go about retrieving a soft/hard copy of their CAPE unit 2 examination results/ certificate?

I was told to go o. and order a copy of my transcript from 1986. There is no forms. Can you please advice how I retrieve a copy.
I need a copy of my 1986 transcripts can anyone assist ???

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