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2020 January exams

Can a private candidate write chemistry

If i do the chemistry labs with my school. Can i sign up for both January and May/June ?

When can I register for January 2020 examinations?


when is the registation for 2020 janurary exams 

Where do I go to sign up for January exams if I don't want to sign up online?
Where do I get forms to sign up for csec in January 2020
Where do I get the forms?
When is registration for 2020 January CECS exams?
Where do we sign up for january exams

where do i sign up for 2020 January exams ?

Where do I register for JANUARY 2020 exams?

where do I register for January exam

How do I sign up
How do I sign up for January 2020 exams

where and when do i go to sign up for the 2020 june exams 

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