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Lack of Formula Sheet

As a student who studies the CXC syllabus continuously, I noticed for Integrated Math, it was stated that a formula sheet would be provided. However upon commencement of the examination, students of the Vieux-Fort Comprehensive School A-Level Department of St. Lucia, were not provided of thus. Seeing as this exam requires a huge mass of grey matter for remembrance of many formulas, this sheet could have been the relief students needed when writing the exam. In addition, with the absence of the formula sheet, this may have resulted in the use of extra time which could have been used to correct or even finish incomplete questions. In essence, the lack of a formula sheet provided a hindrance for many candidates. For this reason, we are to question whether there was an update to the syllabus that students were not informed of or was it an act of malice? A student went on to query the absence of the formula and was responded with the simple remark of "use your calculators". Once again, many students of the A Level department question whether the formula sheet is no longer provided by CXC and if so why were we not informed, or was this an error by the invigilators? If so we question whether the grade we are bound to receive is truly a representative of our performance as we were not allowed the privilege of a formula sheet or the time to be well prepared for an exam which no longer provides a formula sheet.

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