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Associate's Request

Recently i have paid for my official transcripts to be sent to be evaluated so i can get credits for subjects i have already done.

Yet my Associate's was not apart of such Documents. I need my Associate's to be completed and sent to my School.

I completed two units of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Integrated Math as well as the Communication subjects.

I need  Urgent feedback as to why this is so.

My question is after having completed 11 units, why an associate degree was not issued when the environmental programme listed at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College listed the core subjects for that programme as environmental science 1&2 and Geography 1&2. Then leave it up to the students to do any other subjects as  long you did 10 units you will qualify for the associate degree; and that is how i understood it as a parent.  I would not have allowed my son to go through 3 years without meeting the requirement.  So somebody please explain to me because The Clarence Fiztroy Bryant College sure did not explain it to the parents.

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