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Good Morning from Trinidad and Tobago

I have a few questions concerning the new exam format:

1. SOCIAL STUDIES - Original P1 tested only Sections A & B of syllabus, will new format include testing of Section 3 -Options and therefore require students to know entire syllabus or will option questions be grouped according to options and students be able to answer on one option

2. LITERATURE - Original P1 was an unseen paper. Will this P1 be the same or will the texts be tested in MC?

3. HSB - Will include a P2 or a P3?

4. Will exams be done at home or at centers?

5. Will schools be mandated to review SBAs and students be allowed to gain additional marks given the new deadline and the substantive difference the SBA mark now makes?

Thank you for your kind attention

Joanne Haynes

Good Evening, 

I have one quick question re. the new format.

Will the English B Paper 1 be based on unseen material or will the set text be examined through Multiple Choice?

Thank you and Kind regards 

good night Question based on the new format of the examination Will the English B Paper 1 be continued has unseen material or will it be base on the selected poems, short story,etc.

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