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Query Of my Grade

Hi Good Day, My Name Is Ashia. I’m writing here because I want to Query my Grade. Last night I logged in And Saw My Grades and Realized That My Economics Grade Was “Ungraded “ ...My Half Of My Class That Did Economics Also Got UNGRADED And we are confused.Now I’m Lost, my Teacher’s Lost, my parents is lost because I got 37/40 In My SBA For Economics because My economics SBA Consist of POA,POB And Economics. Now I Got Graded For My POA And POB But Yet Still Economics Is UNGRADED...Please look into this because I’m Confused. Thank You

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Please I’m asking for a regrading of my CHEMISTRY and MATHEMATICS examination!
Good day . My name is Rondell c Hazzard and am here to query my Grade for mathematics which i wrote last June. Seen my Grade am not satisfied but also confused. One of my friends got the the same grade as me . However she got a (3) and i got a (4) with the exact same profile grade. Speaking out of respect I definitely feel that i should’ve received a Grade (3) . I did extremely well in my SBA with a high grade as well. The same friend we both did our SBA together as a group. I definitely feel it’s unfair for us to get same ( B for knowledge, D for application and D for Reasoning ) and at the end she has a 3 and I received a 4 . A kindly and positive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !
A regrading would greatly be appreciated if possible for mathematics which i wrote last June.

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