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CXC Request Transcript

Hello my name is Enrique Mclaughlin i recently made an order for my cape and cxc certificates because i misplaced them and i need them for college i was wondering how can i track the process and would it be ready and shipped on time or would it be because of covid that would hinder the process because i desperately need it before the end of february

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Sam here I need to take course and I really need a original copy of my CxC certificate

i want a transcript form to fill out 

I send in the request
I would like to complete a transcription form
Hello my name is Ashanti Stewart and I’m in the process of preparing for university. With the aid of a scholarship I should be starting soon. I was told to send my original CSEC and CAPE documents to Educational Credential Evaluators and I did but they resent an email saying even tho it was a sealed envelope they need it to come directly from CXC and not me. It would be great to have CXC mail it to them as to speed up the process . How do I apply or get CXC to send my CSEC and CAPE results to ECE directly?

At the checkout part of the form what name should I enter under candidate full name. Is it my married name or my maiden name?

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