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Requesting to remark my English and social studies exams

Please am asking if you guys could remark both my English and social studies cxcs please because I scored about 80% on my social studies sba and 90% on my English sba ive also studied hard and most of the questions where exactly what I studied both on the past papers and my text books for booth subjects and I require a atleast a grade 2 to further my studies to college so please am asking you guys to remark it please and check for any errors thank you.

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Hello I'm requesting for my English b and Information Technology and Hostory papers to be reviewed because I scored a 80+ average on my SBA in both subjects and received a 3 and 4 IM HIGHLY confused as to what the paper scores are.
Hi good Evening ,I have paid and submitted the script review form for my daughter.She got a fail grade for English and other subjects which was rather good at all.Her SBA for the subjects was well done .Its alarming that She also got a master in both Maths and English for CCSLC exam and failed for CXC.The other subjects failed she was great at them and was rather comfortable in attaining them for cxc .Can you please review my daughter papers please .I will also like to know how long does the review takes.Thanks so much for your time .Greatly appreciate it.

Hello I am requesting for a change for my Caribbean History and Mathematics results

Hello I am asking for a remark of my history and maths results has I did great with my SBA's please because I don't understand I got 4 in both and my SBA's was exceptional.

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