CAPE results are reported as an overall Unit grade (Roman numerals I to VII) and three Module grades (letters A to G). Each overall grade indicates that the candidate has earned a score that lies somewhere along the band of scores associated with that grade. The same is true for each Module grade.

So, we may have two candidates whose results look like this:



Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Joe Singh





Maria Jones





Maria may have earned her Grade I with a Module 1 score that was far above the cut-off score for an A, her Modules 2 and 3 scores that were far  above the cut-off scores for a B and C respectively.  Joe, on the other hand, may have a score just above or at the cut-off score for an A on Module 1, and may be just above the cut scores for a B on Modules 2 and 3.

Thus,  when the module scores are added for Maria to give the overall score that score  places Maria in the Grade I band.  On the other hand when the module scores are added for Joe the overall score is less than the minimum score required for a Grade I. The overall scores reflect different overall Grades because of different patterns of performance with respect to the Modules.