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June 2016 examinations release date for results?

Hello, I'm eighteen (18) years of age, and wrote my first ever CXC examination. I am thrilled, and very, very nervous for my results. As being a new-comer into the council, I'm completely unaware of the whereabouts of the council. By this, I heard something about a "release date for online results for June 2016 candidates", and I don't know the date. Is anyone aware of this date? If so, please comment below. It will be highly appreciated.

In addition, where will the certificate be held, in school? Would I receive a call, text or email when the results are out? 

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When will the online result be out

They should be released  some time in august I was looking it up, and that was all i was able to find out . 

When will my cxc results come out i need to know
When is result coming out
When is result cumin out.

comes out online on the 16 august 

where u get that from?

Fellow readers and council. I am a private candidate and I only have 1 question. WHEN IS THESE RESULTS COMING OUT!! I cant deal with this anxiety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Is cxc result cum out online. To see ur grades.
When is the release date
I think it's the 12th they're being released .Im not sure if they'll be online the same day but cxc had posted the 12th.

It's the 16th guys
Issued to ministries on the 9th released on the 16th

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