Transcripts can be requested by visiting the link below.  Please note that the cost of each transcript is USD$17.50 per sitting, plus an additional USD$40.00 for international shipping or USD$15.00 for shipping within Barbados. Transcript requests take three (3) weeks to process.  

There is also an additional, non-refundable search fee of USD$5.00 for sittings between 1979-1997.

Transcripts are only sent to educational institutions, evaluation agencies and potential employers. Transcripts will not be sent to candidates or other individuals.

Alternatively, a transcript form should be completed and sent along with the relevant fee to the Council’s Headquarters or to the CXC Local Registrar.  The Transcript form can be accessed via the following link TRANSCRIPT-TEMPLATE-NEW-2019-watermark-FINAL-without-rush-fee.pdf