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Help!!! I can't login to RM Assessor


I am having a problem login into the RM Assessor's page. I downloaded silverlight and the RM page came up, but when I try to put in my user name and password it kept saying, 'Login unsuccessful and I should try again.

Could you please advice me as to what I should do? Is anyone else having this problem

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Same issue here too. Sent email and getting same response about ticket. Wondering what's happening. They should at least let us know what is happening
I received an email for a webinar this afternoon. So I'm actually in the webinar now. But still no credentials

I have no url to commence marking despite having my username and password. 

Is anyone Successful in marking as yet?
Good evening everyone. I have started simulation for Social Studies tonight.
I still haven't received my credentials

Good night I started too . after you have mark , should  hit the save close button. is that all.

question would it be possible to create a whatapp group for the markers  of  question 5-7.

Hoosein doing simulation now

for social studies

Marsheline Woodhouse-Hodges  in the simulation modes you save and close... do you submit anything.

Monique Batchelor I couldn't say still awaiting my credentials. I'm getting worried now. I have emailed help desk and haven't gotten a response. A WhatsApp group would be great. Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get some response by the end of the day
I'm still waiting on password etc for Agricultural Science. I'll keep you guys updated if I get any information. Best wishes!

I received my credentials however I still cannot log unto RM assessor as I keep getting the same message - login unsuccessful please try again marking for me begins today

Marking starts for me today as welll and I still haven't received my credentials. I got an email yesterday stating the Question I'll be marking and date marking starts. I actually called CXC yesterday about the issue and they said they'll look into it and send me an email. Still waiting. I'm going to call them this afternoon if I don't get the email
What number did you use to contact cxc?

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