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Help!!! I can't login to RM Assessor


I am having a problem login into the RM Assessor's page. I downloaded silverlight and the RM page came up, but when I try to put in my user name and password it kept saying, 'Login unsuccessful and I should try again.

Could you please advice me as to what I should do? Is anyone else having this problem

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Just got my RM Assessor password but can't login. Can anyone for Agricultural Science comment. I'd love to get in touch with someone who has started marking when I reach that hurdle.

So I finally got my user name and password, now it states that I am in session but I am not able to see anything other than the RM login screen. And a message also pops up saying "Web GL not supported using CPU mode only" I am clueless as to what that means. I am using a Mac 

Did anyone get Silverlight to download and work???

I think so...everyone else on my team has access.. 

I got it to download using firefox but log in unsuccessful...

Good night everyone. I got mine to work I am currently doing standardising. The silver light software only works with Internet explorer browser. Hope that is helpful.
@ Monique simulation mode is done when the scripts haven't been uploaded as yet. The what'sapp group sounds like a good idea.
Update... I use a Mac which means I cannot use internet Explorer. However, I downloaded chrome, but even then it wouldn't work. So I was signed in but I couldn't see anything on the page. However I got an error message about "Web GL"... I later watched a YouTube video how to activate "Web GL" on safari and also Chrome. I followed everything the video instructed and I now have accept to begin sandardization. Hope this helps!! N good luck with marking

Hi was anyone suspended and able to be reinstated this time around?

Suspended meaning?

if you mark two consecutive seeds 'out of tolerance' you are automatically suspended (no longer able to mark)

Bear with me a little please.. Are you talking about the practice to marking the cxc papers (standardization)
No she means the live marking... not practice or standardized. She past that stage but now mark 2 papers out of since with what is predetermined. Laverne I haven't started live marking yet so I can't answer your question. However you can sense a message to your supervisor and find out

the rm LOGIN PAGE  keep saying login unsucessful please try again. HELP!!!!!!

Mornings kerry-Ann use your time time and date location to Bogota. That should fix your problem.

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