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Help!!! I can't login to RM Assessor


I am having a problem login into the RM Assessor's page. I downloaded silverlight and the RM page came up, but when I try to put in my user name and password it kept saying, 'Login unsuccessful and I should try again.

Could you please advice me as to what I should do? Is anyone else having this problem

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I have downloaded Silverlight, I am using Internet Explorer as suggested.  When I log into the CXC Examiners' Portal I am not seeing the  RM Assessor Credentials - mentioned in the tutorial - which would enable me to log into the RM Assessor. My agent is listed as Nadine Bell-Morgan.  Nadine, Please help!!

I've been trying to access RM assessor for the past three days and I cant log on.  The message keeps saying 'login unsuccessful.please try again'.

Petty John I was experiencing the exact problem at one point. However, I realized afterwards that there were two different pages and I was opening the wrong one- It had options for me to login using various languages such as Spanish etc. I went back to the marker's portal clicked on the link that was there. That sent me to the correct page- which does not have the aforementioned options.

Having the same problem. Cannot sign in.

I logged in on Monday and did the standardization and I can't login now. My credentials need  to be changed to enable me to login. 

having the same issues as those before me

I have logged in to RM assessor but am unable to access questions since it is unauthorised.

still not getting in to mark

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