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Help!!! I can't login to RM Assessor


I am having a problem login into the RM Assessor's page. I downloaded silverlight and the RM page came up, but when I try to put in my user name and password it kept saying, 'Login unsuccessful and I should try again.

Could you please advice me as to what I should do? Is anyone else having this problem

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I have received acceptance letter to be a marker, but I am not seeing any information related to rm credentials. What's happening?

Oh Kysha I really can't give you any details because I am unable to see my credentials. I did send a message to CXC but I received a ticket number and thats it. I think because CXCs are happening now, the people incharge of handles these queries or glitches are preoccupied. I guess we will know closer to June 10. 

Having the same issue.  Hoping they respond soon. 


Still having this exact issue. Need assistance ASAP

having the same problem

Well the situation is the same for me. I assume since marking starts in 2 days I will hear something from my supervisor soon.

I received my RM username last night. Hopefully you all will too by this.

Happy to hear. I received mine last night as well

Happy you guys got your RM usernames.  Still waiting on mine

Downloaded silverlight, using internet explorer to log in to rmassessor and I cant log in

I still didn't receive my RM credentials.

Has anybody received their RM username and password as yet? I'm still waiting. I don't know what is happening. Who do we ask?

Hi. I received mine from Monday afternoon.

I would just like to know if anyone has started marking already. I logged into RM assessor but it is showing that I am not authorized to view any questions


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